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TLN Special Events

2017 Technology Forum

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Opening Keynote

Ken Varnum
Senior Program Manager for Discovery, Delivery, and Library Analytics
University of Michigan Library

A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away: Bringing New Technologies to Your Library
Placing technology bets can be frightening: which up-and-coming tools or technologies will make a difference to my patrons and my community? Thinking about technology as a series of hops, rather than a single leap. Critical elements include: identifying technologies that match your community's needs, working with your library’s stakeholders to develop a shared vision, and cultivating a spirit of experimentation within "risky" areas.

Morning Breakout Sessions:

Single Use PCs
Dan Blakney, Librarian Assistant/Tech Support, Allen Park Public Library
Screenly for Anyone
Bill Bowman, IT Manager, Clarkston Independence District Library
Dropping Ads into the Pi-Hole
Timothy Sills, IT Support Assistant, Canton Public Library
Raspberry PI as Bulletin Board
Why spend all that money on a full computer, when all you need is something cheap and easy for a single use? This session features speakers discussing how they've used this concept for their libraries.

Virtual Reality Systems for Public Libraries
Scott Rakestraw, Systems Administrator, Novi Public Library
Scott will share reviews and commentary on the major VR Systems currently commercially available. In addition to side by side comparisons, Scott will share resources for library technologists to assist with public program development. Novi will be rolling out programs using the PlayStation Virtual Reality System this fall. Following a brief presentation, he will have two PS4 VR systems set up for guest use.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

The Basics of Cybersecurity that Every Librarian Should Know
Michael McEvoy, Technology Coordinator, Northville District Library
So you're swamped at Reference Desk, and a demanding patron approaches with a worried look on their face, clutching their ancient looking beige laptop. In hushed, conspiratorial tones they say "They're out to get me. How do I stop them? They have my email! I think I have a virus, can you help me?" Now normally, you might have a resident geek around to hand this patron off to... but not today, for your geek is busy elsewhere! What do you do? How can you penetrate the cloak of fear, and help this patron realize it's just another day? We'll discuss the Basics of Cyber Security starting with password security, recognizing scams in email and social media, and a basic theory of how to protect oneself online. Think you know this already? Answer this question: what's your favorite color?

Networking with Your Peers
Technology Forum Planning Committee
Join your peers for a loosely moderated group discussion on current technology topics. Bring concerns, issues, quandaries, and more. The floor is open!

Closing Keynote

Kevin King
Head of Branch and Circulation Services
Kalamazoo Public Library

Why Don’t You Get IT?!?
Has this happened to you? You spend days on building, preparing, and/or installing cutting edge technology to assist the library staff in their mission to help patrons and they respond with gripes. “Why doesn’t it work?” “I like the older version better!” “Can you write me a step by step document on how to make it work?” Discover how KPL’s IT Services transformed from being an inflexible, support services group to a team devoted to customer service. Learn how each new initiative is supported with multiple ways to educate staff. Hear about tools developed in-house to provide staff with resources to succeed. Most importantly, gain some practical advice on the best tactics to generate excitement about technology! All staff must get IT to better position libraries for the future.

Registration Fee: $30.00

Registration and Payment Deadline is September 8, 2017

or call
(248) 536-3100 x134
For Library Staff Only

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12:00pm - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
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