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TLN Special Events

TLN Technology Forum
Bloomfield Township Public Library
October 3, 2014, 9am-3:30pm
Registration Deadline is September 19, 2014

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Registration Fee: $30.00

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Technology That Attracts Attention
Technology attracts our attention in different ways. First, it’s cool. So we will look at some of the cool new technologies that are out there, and how libraries are or could be using them. But in addition to that, technology is used to attract the attention of our patrons. “Patron engagement” is a buzz word in the library world that means that we are striving to interact with our patrons in a variety of ways, to get them engaged with the resources and services that our library offers. So we will also look at ways to reach out to your patrons using technology so that the library remains as a prominent resource for your community.

Speaker: Karen Knox, Director, Orion Township Public Library
Karen C. Knox is the Director of the Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) in Lake Orion, Michigan. After working for twelve years in library technology, she has been enjoying the challenges of administration since 2012. Her technology and management background provides her with the tools to help grow OTPL and lead them into the years ahead. Most of all, she enjoys helping people use technology and library services to improve their lives. She is the author of Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries (2011). She has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a MLIS from the University of Texas at Austin.

Breakout Sessions:
Below you will find the breakout sessions and their descriptions for the upcoming Technology Forum. To help us schedule these sessions and provide sufficient seating, please prioritize them in the order of interest.

Use the Numbers 1 through 4, with 1 as the highest priority and 4 being the lowest.
Please select a priority for each session.
Hidden Disabilities, Helpful Technology: Improving Library Accessibility
Vanessa Morris, Regional Librarian/Director, Wayne County Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
In this session, you’ll learn what products are available to make your library accessible to users regardless of vision impairments or other hidden disabilities. You’ll also familiarize yourself with accessible software that’s already built-in to your library’s computers. Hidden disabilities are everywhere. Find out how to make your library's technology accessible to everyone.

Responsive Web Design for Libraries
Matthew Reidsma, Web Services Librarian at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan
Today's library patrons are browsing the Web on a variety of devices including tablets, e-readers, mobile phones, and desktops. Who knows what devices they will be using next year? Responsive Web Design enables your library's website to automatically adapt to whatever device your users have. Learn how to design with fluid grids, flexible media, and CSS media queries to deliver an optimal experience for all of your library patrons. Design one website to fit all devices.

Meeting the PCI Challenge
Dan Gregory, Pre-Sales Director, Creative Breatkthroughs, Inc.
Complying with PCI is a necessary step in safely accepting credit cards. Don’t let anyone tell you that PCI Compliance is not important. The following topics will be discussed in relation to how PCI affects your organization: Challenges of PCI Compliance. Importance of Being PCI Compliant. PCI Data Security Standard. Best Practices.

Benefits of Server Virtualization
Rodney Mach, Hiperlogic
Rodney will discuss the benefits of virtualization including reduced cost, improved service time, and simplified disaster recovery. He will also cover some common mistakes to avoid when implementing a virtual environment, and provide a roadmap on how to go from a physical environment to a virtual environment.

Tech Talk: Challenges & Solutions
A panel of library managers discusses current challenges and describe the approaches and solutions they are implementing in their libraries. Have a burning technology question you would like the panel to discuss? Fill in your question below.

Registration Deadline is September 19, 2014

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