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TLN Special Events

2018 Technology Forum

Download the 2018 Technology Forum program HERE!

Opening Keynote

Eli Neiburger
Deputy Director
Ann Arbor District Library

Just Right: Goldilocksing your way through Library Tech
There's no shortage of problems to solve in Library Tech, and no shortage of solutions aiming to solve those problems. The only problem is, most of them ARE GARBAGE. The Hype train rolls through town throwing out shiny demos and shedding smooth salesmen, and before you know it... you're stuck with the WRONG THING. When you want to do something cool and engaging that will blow your patrons' minds, how do you know which solutions are too big, which are too small, and which are JUST RIGHT? In this talk, we'll cover several major areas of tech in libraries, and look at a set of solutions to each problem, and figure out which ones are just right for your scale at your library. Whether you've got a squad of sysadmins at your beck and call, or whether you're not even allowed to edit your own website, this talk will offer solutions and places to start for libraries of all sizes, to solve problems for all types of patrons, no salesmen required. Jump off the hype train and make things JUST RIGHT for the patrons who use your library!

Morning Breakout Sessions:

Virtualization and Backup
Ken Rutyna, Solutions Architect, Knight Technology Group
After speaking on the basics of networking and backup/storage in a virtual environment, Ken will get into more detail on local vs cloud backups, replication, snapshotting and backup pitfalls, and storage scaling for local backups with restore points. He will also discuss real world scenarios they have implemented.

iPad Accessibility Basics
Shekenia Mann, Assistive Technology Consultant, Wayne Assistive Technology Resource Center (Wayne ATRC)
This training is targeted to individuals who want to familiarize themselves with the built-in iPad accessibility features. These accessibility features are universal to the iPad allowing all users with or without access.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Gaming Spaces in Libraries and Circulating STEM Kits
Dan Major, Teen Services Librarian, Orion Township Public Library
Kathleen Kwiatkowski, Librarian, Orion Township Public Library
Suzanne Tison, Teen Services Librarian, Orion Township Public Library
In 2017 the Friends of the Orion Township Public Library raised $10,000 to upgrade the technology in the library’s teen room. This panel will discuss what the library decided to purchase, the policies developed by the teen librarian, IT challenges, and the resulting new offerings and programs. They will also discuss the acquisition and circulation of youth STEM kits. In particular, where to purchase materials, circulation policy, replacement issues, presentation, and promotion of this new collection.

Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems
Mike Dugan, Account Executive, Detection Systems and Engineering
After a brief overview of security systems and the industry as a whole, Mike will get into more detail on intrusion alarm, video surveillance and access control systems. He will focus on emerging trends, design philosophies, and how all three systems are purposeful on their own and how they work together to be greater than the sum of their parts.

Closing Session

Peer-To-Peer Knowledge Share

Share with, listen to, and ask questions of your colleagues

During this session, attendees split up into groups based on their interests to share with, listen to, and ask questions of their colleagues on a number of predetermined topics, ranging from Network Infrastructure to Technology Programming. In this free-form session, sharing of ideas and practical information is the focus and learning from the real life experience of your peers is the reward!

Registration is now closed. See you at the Forum!

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