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TLN Continuing Education Opportunities

TLN Podcast Series

Presented by Dr. Lee Meadows
If you are interested in attending any of the virtual presentation, there is no registration required. All podcast presentations will be via RingCentral and can be accessed at the specified time using the links provided below.
If you have any trouble getting access during any session, please contact Justin Walker in the Technology Services Department at (248)536-3100 ext. 124. Thank you!


Leadership and the Remote Employee

One of the primary concerns that managers had during the pandemic was the impact on employee productivity. Traditional leadership training did not take into account the issues that emerge when employees are working “remote” and not physically present to be supervised. The immediate concern for productivity, while valid, has been scrutinized, has been tested and has shown some alternative results. The purpose of this session will be to address the “productivity” concerns using current data and current practices being seen across a number of industries.

Podcast Link
Tues., August 25
Dr. Lee Meadows

The Leadership Mindset

The pandemic landscape has altered the approach to leading in the ‘remote’ employee work environment. Across the various disciplines, leadership roles are being challenged, reexamined and refocused to take into account most had not most had not envisioned. All in all, the work still has to be done and leadership for getting the work done has never been more challenging. The skills, knowledge, and insights needed to lead a pandemic workforce cannot be found in standard leadership instruments and must come as a direct result of the emergent patterns being followed by leadership experts This session will focus on the “Leader in the “Pandemic” work environment. The focus will be on the emerging skills and how those skills are applied in library setting.

Podcast Link
Tues., September 15
Dr. Lee Meadows

The Challenge Ahead

One of the challenges to becoming an effective leader within the pandemic framework is in recognizing how the traditional patterns of leadership thinking has to be altered in order to be more responsive to the post COVID, remote employee. The common, accepted practices that were part of “employee in place model that drove leadership impact for decades, has to be realigned to pandemic employee-in-place/remote employees realty. The expectations of employee development, career guidance, performance evaluations and retention are still critical the success of the organization and its employees.

Podcast Link
Tues., September 29
Dr. Lee Meadows
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