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The statewide catalog of the Michigan eLibrary


Strategic Framework for TLN

(Download PDF)


To create a vibrant, collaborative partnership among our libraries, driving access to shared services and resources.


To support and inspire development, leadership, and innovation in our libraries.


  1. We strive to provide excellent service to advance all libraries.
  2. We facilitate resource sharing and collaboration as we are stronger together.
  3. We embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion and promote these principles for providing accessible library services to all.
  4. We foster fiscal responsibility through robust purchasing power and proactive planning realizing a positive return on investment for our libraries.


  • Leadership: TLN will provide leadership at both the cooperative and statewide levels to foster collaboration for delivery of equitable services and access to libraries in Michigan.
  • Inclusive Culture: TLN will reflect the diversity of the membership we serve and strive to realize an equitable organization.
  • Connection:: Members and employees will feel connected to one another and to the mission of TLN through open communication.
  • Engagement: The TLN membership and offices will be actively engaged in defining our work together.
  • Infrastructure: TLN will assess member needs and establish an infrastructure to move towards delivery of our mission and goals.
  • New Shared Resources: Shared resources will be expanded in order to maximize the benefits of working together.
  • New Services: TLN will work to identify new and expanded services in order to maximize benefits for all member libraries.
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